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That said, all combinations are typically available nearby. Carriage Gate Code Code to Office Safe Combination to Vasco's Safe Guard's Lodge Safe Jindosh Lock Solution New Gate Code Safe Code Safe Combination Safe Contest The code should be 451. Edge of the World There are two safes in the second chapter of Dishonored 2, and it can be found in Karnacka Docks. To find the safe, you’ll have to sneak into the Overseer Outpost, a large red building accessible by going through the Bloatfly-infested house.

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Loot for: safe access to the Black Market Shop back door. That seems to be it for safe combinations in Dishonored 2. Dishonored: Definitive Edition for Xbox One cheats - Cheating Dome has all the latest cheat codes, unlocks, hints and game secrets you need. Se hela listan på gamerevolution.com Dishonored Cheats and Cheat Codes, PC. To open the following safes just enter the corresponding combination. Mission 1: Dishonored Safe Combinations. Mission 1 — Dishonored. The safe is located directly past where Corvo gets his gear Combination: 4-5-1.


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Be careful, as there is a tripwire protecting the window. The combination is given … Other Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Guides: 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All). The Perfect Crime Achievement. Party Crasher Achievement.

Dishonored safe codes

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Go down the left alley until you reach all the people, then enter the apartment. Go upstairs to find a safe in a room. To get the code for the safe, check the blackboard in the nearby room. It will have two digits in the corner. I got a safe and code is mission one. After you leave dunwal tower made the first kill from the air and have those 3 guys getting orders from a guard.

Dishonored safe codes

A combination safe. There are combinations found throughout the games of the Dishonored Mission 1 — Dishonored The safe is located directly past where Corvo gets his gear Combination: 4-5-1 Mission 2 — High Overseer Campbell This safe is inside Dr. Galvani’s residence Combination: 2-8-7 This isn’t a safe, but a locked kennel door in the basement of the mansion Combination: 2-1-7 This safe is in the Barracks Combination: 2-0-3 Combo is found by looking past the empty bottles on the shelf behind the safe. 2-8-7 High Overseer Se hela listan på powerpyx.com Safe #2.
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Dishonored safe codes

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· Mission 2 - High Overseer Campbell (Overseer's building  19.
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stansa Specifikt Motsvarighet dishonored dlc mad hatter district key

Guaranteed Safe Checkout. Dishonored PC. PC Games. DISHONORED för PC är en digital kod utan utgångsdatum.