You may be familiar with this kind of system if you currently have money in a personal investment product like a managed fund. Buying and selling units. When you make a contribution, We're one of Australia's largest super funds so we can provide you with access to investments, which generally aren't available to individuals. Profit for members As a profit-for-members fund, we don't have shareholders – so you can be assured that we’re working in your best interests, not someone else's. Our total fee includes administration fees, investment fees, and indirect cost ratio, which are based on the fees and costs for the financial year ended 30 June 2020.

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Key points to note: Information is updated twice a year — at 30 June and 31 December. Investments are shown within each asset class. Any derivatives within the asset class are grouped together into one line item. The same applies to any cash held within the asset class. Annual Investment Update: success during the storm 03 Sep 5 MIN READ Go inside the minds managing your investments to see how QSuper’s unique ‘risk-balanced’ strategy has been successful in such a tumultuous year.

Find out all you need to know about super to make the choices that are right for you. OneAnswer Frontier Personal Super OneAnswer Frontier Pension Understanding investment risk . All investment comes with some kind of risk.

Unitised investments. Media Super investment options operate using a unitised system.

Av super investments

A list of investments held within this investment option can be found here.

Av super investments

Your super is invested in assets such as shares, property or fixed interest. The returns from these investments help your super balance grow over time. How you invest your super can play a big part in your retirement savings. There are other ways you can keep informed about investments.
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Av super investments

A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for BT Super … 2020-01-22 Investment returns. View our latest investment returns. Unit prices. See our latest unit prices and learn how unit pricing works .

If you have an AvSuper accumulation or income stream account, you can choose how your super savings are invested.
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as at 30 November 2020. The information on this web page forms part of the AvSuper Product Disclosure Statement (dated 30 November 2020) and AvSuper Corporate Product Disclosure Statement (dated 30 November 2020). Investments AvSuper is committed to providing information so that you can easily understand the Fund’s investment arrangements and investment performance. The investment section of the website provides much of this detail, supported by our latest Annual Report and our member investment choice guide. Investment Managers. AvSuper uses the following range of professional investment managers who specialise in different investment areas to invest members’ money according to specific objectives and strategies (including strategies to guard against excessive risk) set out by the AvSuper Trustee. Member Investment Choice.